Containerized solutions

Transporting goods in containers is the most efficient and price-effective way to transport your products around the globe. As there is quite some variety in what type of containers there are on the market we made a little summary for you. 

FCL - regular dry containers

An FCL (full container load) shipment means that we reserve a container completely for your products. No products from other suppliers are loaded in the same container. 
If you can load containers at your premises we can send the container to your side, if not we pick up the goods per specialized transport and arrange the stuffing in the port in our warehousing facilities.

Next to the regular dry equipment, there are a lot of different options to transport your goods.

There is an ideal solution for every commodity and quantity!


Flexitanks are used to minimize the transportations costs of bulk material (both solid and liquid bulks). These Flexitanks are installed in 20ft or 40ft containers and are much more cost-effective compared to for example the use of Tank containers (up to 40%!). We've done shipments like this where we built in flexibags for our customers ourselves to transport 200 tons of sludge from multiple origins. 

Project Cargo

Project Cargo has no secrets to us. Whether it involves a 2 million dollar shipment of 35 jeeps for the United Nations, heavy machinery or big parcels of steel, we've done it all and have the people in house who know how to deal with this kind of business.            
                                                        We welcome a challenge

Open Top containers are mainly used for the shipping of over height cargo. The roof of this type of container consists of a removable bow and a removable tarpaulin.

Flat Rack containers can be used for both over height and over width cargo. 


A refrigerated container or Reefer can maintain the required temperature during the transportation of cargo susceptible to temperature. Reefers can be used for frozen cargo like (fries) or chilled cargo like (chocolates). We have lots of expertise in this segment and we are self-assured that we can work out the perfect solution for you. 


All types of equipment can be made available by our part. Both carrier owned as shippers owned equipment. From regular dry containers to hardtops or 45'hc containers. Everything is available in the port of Antwerp, and we are happy to assist you in your search for what you need. 


For every commodity and quantity, there is a matching solution. Our task consists of finding the right match for you. To know what you need you can always consult our page “container details”.

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